Da’Shade – Spoken Word Artist, Cinematographer, Action Coreographer

dashade_moonbeam_martial_arts (2)

What’s your Name?
My given name is Jeffery Johnson, but the majority of those that traverse the surface of mother earth know me by my earned name, “Da’Shade Moonbeam.”

What decade you were born in?
The 1970’s

Where is your Hometown?
Austin, Texas (The ATX)

How long have you Been in Austin?
All my life, Born and Raised!

Current Austin Neighborhood: why?
78723, it’s where I spent my formative years. Even though it’s currently infested with fixed gear bike riding hipsters, and is slowly succumbing to the gentrification, I still love this area. Good memories, good people.

What do you do to pay the bills?
I am a Youth Care Worker II at a local Non-Profit that provides housing, and counseling services to At-Risk-Youth. What I want to do to pay the bills?! Live off of my many artistic abilities!

What’s do you do for fun / as a side gig?
I love going to the Movies! I am a Southern Hip-Hop/Spoken Word Artist… AND a DSLR Cinematographer… AND a Film/Stage/Action Choreographer, that is also a Stage and Film actor… AND a Martial Arts Instructor, poet, and motivational speaker!.. AND… You get the point, I do a slew of artistic things on the side.

dashade_moonbeam_martial_arts (1)

What’s your story – How and when did you end up in Austin?
My story is long. Long enough to be recognized by Google! Hint, Hint. I am a Street Nerd. I was raised with positivity in an utterly calamitous environment, filled with gangs, drugs, death, and violence. I was able to see the light in the darkness so to speak, and with help I was able to walk my own path. I am not a saint, I am a wolf that has lost interest in eating sheep.

What’s a memorable experience or story about you and Austin?
Let’s see… I was a Featured extra on Friday Night Lights (Episode 305 or Every Rose has its Thorn.) and I was joking around with cast member Kevin Rankin about comic books. Long story short, Kevin points to cast member Taylor Kitsch and says that “Taylor is plays Gambit in the new Wolverine movie!” I thought to myself, “I have to get out of this city lol.” Kevin says “With your talent, you may want to do that sooner than later Shade.”

Do you see yourself in Austin in 3 years? 10 years?
I see myself being based in Austin. I have recently acquired the Travel bug and I am opening my mind to the opportunities this planet has to offer.

What are 3 great things about Austin?
1. Food
2. Film
3. People

Any favorite Austin restaurants? Food trucks?
Daisies Cafe on Hancock Drive!

Favorite local bar or coffee shop?
Bennu Coffee on MLK, and Summer Moon on S. 1st for coffee hands down!!! As far as Bars go The North Door and The ND are my Favs to grab a drink!

Favorite Austin event / festival?
Frontera Fest, and Zell Miller III Hip Hop Theatre Explosion!

What do you think Austin will be like in 5 years?
Bigger! Hopefully we can retain our identity.

What do you do to deal with the Austin summers?
I am tempered in the fire! There’s not much you can do beside Deal with the heat, or it will Deal with you!

Fill in the blank:
Austin is a great place for out of town musicians, and performers to get local support, but if you’re local and want support from Austin Locals, get famous somewhere else first! Then Austin will LOVE you!

Any final words of wisdom for our readers?
Support your local performers, and artists!

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