Jenna – Born in Austin, True Texan

What’s your Name?
Jenna Lynn Monroe (Bostick)

What decade you were born in?

Where is your Hometown?

How long have you Been in Austin?
For the most part I have been here my entire life though as most young people I HAD to get away. I moved to San Francisco then later to Los Angeles where I attended college and spent 10 years of my life before moving back to Texas.

Current Austin Neighborhood: why?
South Park Meadows: Everything is within walking distance and it’s a very family oriented area which is great for busy moms like me.

What do you do to pay the bills?
Concert Photography & Youth Acting Seminars for Self Esteem awareness

What’s do you do for fun / as a side gig?
I love trying to see a concert without a camera in my hands, though, mentally I make that impossible. I also love to read, see movies by MYSELF, hike and discover new types of foods.

What’s your story – How and when did you end up in Austin?
I was born and raised in Austin, in fact my family for the most part has always been in this area. I am from a family of some of the first settlers here in Texas known as the Old 300 and our family was given it’s land (which was sold off to the highest bidder a long time ago) by Stephen F. Austin himself. We knew what was good for us and once we came we stayed!

What’s a memorable experience or story about you and Austin?
Some of my fondest memories are of when I was a kid and would go out with my dad. Most of the time we would go ride the train at Zilker park but on very special occasions we would head over to Peter Pan mini golf then over to Sandy’s for a burger.

Do you see yourself in Austin in 3 years? 10 years?
I see myself in Austin for the rest of my life because with my travels I have found it to be better than any city I have ever been to. The people are friendly and eclectic, you can’t find a better supply of music anywhere in the world and the food is off the wall.

What are 3 great things about Austin?
1. THE MUSIC: Austin hands down has the best music scene with music from every single Genre you can think of from Punk to rap to good old fashioned rock.

2. THE FAMILY SCENE: There is so much to do for families here in Austin these days. Much more than when I was growing up. You can find free family friendly movies in the park, all kinds of park with very adaptable equipment on every corner (including a full on special needs park in Round Rock), free family events almost every weekend and a drug store on every corner. You can’t beat that!

3. THE FOOD: Although I hate the word I very much consider myself a foodie and in Austin with the help of all the food trucks there is NO cuisine you cannot find here.

Any favorite Austin restaurants? Food trucks?
My favorite Austin restaurant will always be SANDY’S burger on Barton Springs. They are simple, no frills classic burgers made the exact same way they were made 20 years ago. I have paid a visit to Sandy’s at least once a month since I can remember with the exception of my absent years. As far as food trucks, my favorite will always be Gourdoughs. Fresh out of the fryer donuts, covered in anything you can ever dream of? Sign me up! My favorite is the Porkeys’s, Canadian Bacon with cream cheese and Jalapeno jelly, yum!

Favorite local bar or coffee shop?
Jo’s SOCO is hands down my favorite coffee shop and for as Bars Casino El Camino has the best burgers in this city and a good burger with a good beer can’t be beat!
Favorite Austin event / festival? SXSW of course!

What do you think Austin will be like in 5 years?
Simply put Austin will have exploded at the seams. I still see the awesome eclectic atmosphere it has always been but I see it being a lot more chaotic as it is having problems keeping up with the growth.

What do you do to deal with the Austin summers?
I spend my entire summer in a pool or lake and eating snow cones with cream from one of the million snow cone stands throughout the city. What else is there to do in 115 degree heat?

Fill in the blank: Austin is a __mosh pit of rainbow filled goodness__.
Any final words of wisdom for our readers?Austin is as weird as they say it is. With that said, there is no place I would rather be because once you go weird there ain’t no going back!

One Comment on “Jenna – Born in Austin, True Texan”

  1. Lani Rosales says:

    “mosh pit of rainbow filled goodness” might be the BEST explanation of Austin in the history of ever. AWESOME!

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