Les – 32 Years in Austin

What’s your Name?
Les Sherman

What decade you were born in?
50’s a classic 1955 model

Where is your Hometown?
100 miles west of Austin… oh, that would be Kerrville, TX

How long have you Been in Austin?
32 years

Current Austin Neighborhood: why?
Allandale. Best, most affordable, central Austin neighborhood because of schools, proximity to everything, small town feel

What do you do to pay the bills?
Help people buy and sell homes and optimize their positions in real estate

What’s do you do for fun / as a side gig?
Run around Town Lake ( I refuse to call it Lady Bird Lake), Country Western Dance, Music events, Make Friends, barbeque things

What’s your story – How and when did you end up in Austin?
In 1981 residential interest rates went to 18% so to keep from starving in Kerrville, I moved to the big city

What’s a memorable experience or story about you and Austin?
8” of snow in 1985, Watching “The Police” at a concert at SouthPark Meadows, having two beautiful daughters here

Do you see yourself in Austin in 3 years? 10 years?
30 more years and then I move to whatever country one of my daughters is the President of at the time…

What are 3 great things about Austin?
The “young, and young at heart” diverse environment, the hill country, the four other conservative Christians that live here

Any favorite Austin restaurants? Food trucks?
Threadgills, HopDotty’s, Hut’s, Holy Cacao’s cake on a stick, Mother’s, Chuy’s

Favorite local bar or coffee shop?
Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf on 38th, still looking for the best Manhattan in town

Favorite Austin event / festival?
Warrior Dash (really in Cedar Creek), Capital 10K, Paramount Theater, UT Football, wherever Lyle Lovett is playing

What do you think Austin will be like in 5 years?
Bigger, more expensive, part of north San Antonio

What do you do to deal with the Austin summers?
Embrace the heat, sweat a lot, drink lots of water, pray the A/C works

Fill in the blank:
Austin is _the best place in the country to live.

Any final words of wisdom for our readers?
“Dance with who brought you.” “Progressive” and “growth” do not equate with eliminating the culture and the history that made Austin and Central Texas what Texans ARE. Yankees can be Texans if they pay attention and follow instructions.

5 Comments on “Les – 32 Years in Austin”

  1. What a wonderful tribute to Austin, I love the final words of wisdom!

  2. I don’t understand how one can be Christian and conservative.

    • Les Sherman says:

      The terms are quite compatible, depending on your definition of “Christian” and “conservative”, but it sounds like this discussion would require more time and space than this forum allows. There can be many definitions of “Christian” and “conservative” depending on your perspective. Mine is a moderate perspective.

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