David – Entreprenuer, New to Austin

What’s your Name?
David Lowe

What decade you were born in?

Where is your Hometown?
Lytham St. Annes, England

How long have you Been in Austin?
5 months

Current Austin Neighborhood: why?
Downtown (5th & Rio Grande). Juan Pelota is my office and Whole Foods, all the cool bars and my favorite street art area (near Baylor St) are within walkable distance.

What do you do to pay the bills?
I am just launching a ping pong company called Uberpong. My cool hunting website OriginofCool.com is another source of revenue.
What’s do you do for fun / as a side gig? Lots of ping pong, soccer (I just joined Elite FC) and stand up paddle boarding or kayaking on Lake Austin.

What’s your story – How and when did you end up in Austin?
After hitting a wall and needing to get out of London after a ten year spell, I visited my sister-in-law in Austin in 2011. SXSW blew me away but more importantly, I saw the perfect place to start a business. I have achieved more in 5 months here than ten years in London!

What’s a memorable experience or story about you and Austin?
I launched my first Kickstarter project (Uberpong) in July and 30 days later had raised $10,390.

Do you see yourself in Austin in 3 years? 10 years?
Yes and yes. I will probably need trips to New York, LA and want to explore South America but I really feel at home in Austin.

What are 3 great things about Austin?
1). The entrepreneurial/startup community
2). The fact that there are few franchises, soul destroying chain stores and only a handful of Starbucks. Independent businesses and food trailers thrive which makes me happy.
3). The weather. Sure the summer’s can be stinking hot but I can swim here almost every day and play tennis, soccer etc most days.

Any favorite Austin restaurants? Food trucks?
Wahoo’s (outer reef burrito), Stubb’s, Rudy’s, Mama Fu’s.

Favorite local bar or coffee shop?
Juan Pelota, Royal Blue Grocery, Jo’s.

Favorite Austin event / festival?
SXSW, kite festival.

What do you think Austin will be like in 5 years?
Much bigger with a lot more foreigners and more traffic! I hope they introduce a subway system as the road system was not designed to handle a spike in population. Ping pong will also be the most popular sport.

What do you do to deal with the Austin summers?
Swim, drink cherry limeades and wear very little clothing!

Fill in the blank: Austin is ___severely awesome___.

Any final words of wisdom for our readers?
Get to know the locals and you’ll find the true weird in Austin…like chicken shit bingo!

2 Comments on “David – Entreprenuer, New to Austin”

  1. allisoncrow says:

    Love this post and think it is so cool that our city, my hometown, my dad’s hometown~ is attracting so many people with great creativity and vibes! Long Live Ping Pong!

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