Under New Management – Peter takes over “I Live Here: Austin”

Some of you may have noticed that I live here Austin has been idle for a little while.  Well that’s about to change soon!

Annie S did a great job getting the site set up and getting stories from many Austin dwellers.   Now that she’s leaving Austin, the torch is being passed to me, Peter Tsai.  You may recognize me from such blog posts as my very own I Live Here: Austin entry.

The old format of the blog had each person profiled writing a personal essay.  We had a lot of interest but we are all busy people that get writers’ block from time to time. So, to make it easier to participate:

I’m looking for a wide variety of INTERESTING people to highlight on the blog so that the site is representative of Austin as a whole.  If you know someone who has an Austin story that needs to be told, please forward this post!
Thanks, and I’m excited to start meeting and photographing other people around Austin!
Don’t delay:
Participate now! – Start telling us about yourself.

One Comment on “Under New Management – Peter takes over “I Live Here: Austin””

  1. Rachel says:

    I’m looking to move to Austin by the end of the year. This site has given me a taste of the passion residents share for their town. Thank you!

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