Ten Reasons Why I Love Austin:

10. Austin is the nexus of a small world. I’m not sure why but everyone seems to have a story of crazy serendipitous meeting. Ironically, I have not run into Elvis. Yet.

9. Rock stars are freaking everywhere in this town. Not just in the obvious rakish Keith Richards way, but under cover too. I know a CEO of a B2B marketing firm that can melt your face off with a guitar.

8. A homeless cross dresser with great legs named Leslie can run for mayor. I voted for him. Twice.

7. We love start-ups, whether they are bands, tech companies, or food trailers- we can’t get enough. Throw a rock anywhere downtown and you’ll hit a start-up CEO who plays weekend gigs with his band, waiting in line for coffee at a food trailer.

6. People here can argue about BBQ with a passion usually reserved for politics elsewhere. I saw two hipster girls arguing about brisket once and my heart almost exploded.

5. Twice a year we become the center of the world for music-obsessed folks who do not currently reside in Austin. I would be lying if I said we don’t have a smug sense of self-satisfaction about it.

4. People here love the outdoors. We love to get outside even in the oppressive heat of summer to play, exercise, meet friends, eat, listen to music, and drink. Mostly just drink, though.

3. Austin is the home of the rebirth of roller derby. We can’t support a professional sport in a town of a million but we have 2 roller derby leagues. Suck it New York.

2. Speaking of towns that can suck it… Hey San Francisco, Austin is also the social media capital of the world. You may claim the tech crown, but the social brainpower here is staggering. For one second Aaron Stout, Natanya Anderson, Peter Kim, Kate Niederhoffer, Susan Scrupski worked at the same company. The world nearly imploded under the sheer magnitude of all the knowledge amassed in one place.

1. This town made up our own holiday. Seriously, who does that? Austinites do, just for a reason to eat pot brownies and cake in a public park. We are that weird and I love it.


You can find Sam on Twitter at @sameder.

More from Sam’s photo shoot can be found here.

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